Jan-Willem Schipper

Fully independent nautical expert. Over 30 years of experience.
Pre-purchase survey and valuations of all pleasure crafts.

Your expert surveyor in The Netherlands!

The internet has made the market for pleasure crafts very transparent.
The purchase of pleasure boats in foreign countries has never been so easy.
Although you can see numerous pictures of your dreamboat it is still impossible to determine from photographs if the boat is really as good as it may seem.
As a purchaser it is essential that you are aware of any defects the boat has, and which maintenance and repairs you can expect after you have purchased the boat.
To exclude all doubts there is only one proper solution:
the pre-purchase yachtsurvey, provided by someone you can trust.   
My marine surveying practice is always dedicated to you, my client – not to the seller, broker or any other individual connected with the selling party.

This pre-purchase survey contains the checkup of:
- External & internal structure.
- Bulkheads, framing & reinforcement integrity .
- Attachments for chainplates, keel & main deck hardware.
- Openings, ports & windows.
- Skin fittings & sea cocks.
- Safety equipment.
- Steering gear.
- Stanchions, hand rails & jackstays.
- Masts spars & rigging. (from deck level only).
- Sails. (Generally not hoisted or fully laid out).
- Gas installations. (visual inspection not pressure tested).
- Fire fighting equipment.
- Water and foul water installations (tanks not opened / pressure tested).
- Toilet installations.
- Bilge pumping.
- Electrical: general external inspection of installation, switch boards & testing of 
electrical items.

The survey also includes:
- General visual inspection of the vessel. Survey for (repaired) damages.
- Moisture meter readings of sandwich deck.
- Hull inspection below the waterline including rudder and rudderbearings, propeller,
propshaft & propshaftbearings, hull/keel joint.
- Osmosis inspection/assessment of blistering & moisture meter readings with
the Tramex Skipper Plus (GRP boats).
- Ultrasonic measurement of hull thickness (Steel & aluminium boats).
- Condition test of batteries.
- Machinery: general external inspection of installation, bearers, hoses, fuel system
& stern gear.
- Infrared temperature measuring to check the condition of the engine at all cylinders.
- Extensive sea trial.

The results of this survey will be written in a comprehensive report. (in English)
All defects and items of special interest are listed in this report.
Photographs are made to illustrate important items.
The report also contains the valuation of the vessel based on the international marketvalue and the overall quality of the inspected vessel.
The pre-purchase survey gives you the clear picture and the knowledge you need for further negotiations with the selling party.

All surveys will be performed according to the HISWA rules and regulations for survey of pleasure crafts.

Including osmosis inspection on GRP boats or hull thickness measurement on steel / aluminium boats.

 Boats up to      9 meters                 € 655,= all in  (2 engines € 695,= all in)
Boats from   9-11 meters                € 695,= all in (2 engines € 735,= all in)
Boats from 11-12 meters                € 755,= all in (2 engines € 795,= all in)
Boats from 12-15 meters                € 795,= all in (2 engines € 855,= all in)

Osmosis inspection/assessment of blistering & moisture meter readings with the  Tramex Skipper Plus.
Hull inspection below the waterline including rudder and rudderbearings,
propellor,propshaft, bearings & hull/keel joint.                           € 365 ,= all in

Inspection steel and aluminium hulls.  Ultrasonic thickness measurement     
     Boats up to  9 meters             € 425,= all in
Boats from   9-11 meters            € 465,= all in
 Boats from  11-16 meters          € 495,= all in
Prices based on surveys within a range of 100 kilometers from Oud-Beijerland (near Rotterdam).
Outside this range fee in consultation.

Once the client gives me the order to survey a pleasure craft I will make all necessary arrangements with the seller and harbour authorities in order to survey the vessel at short notice.

Please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to be of service.